Photos of the new BMW 1 Series 2019: Sports body and soul of elegance.

04th December 2019 - Cars - Comments -

We had the opportunity to be able to take pictures of this renewed BMW Series 1. Too bad I could not have had more time to do more, since the occasion deserved it.

We were left with a bittersweet taste ... but something we could get. We show you:


It is the third generation of the German model, with an attractive and elegant design but with a very marked sporting character.

It is a compact front propulsion that in this case come out some powerful 140CV looking like they are double.
A harmonious motor sound but voracious and eager to eat the road.

In its cabin we find technology on all sides, since it is made up of two 10.25-inch screens, at most, for instrumentation and infotainment equipment, which integrates the BMW 7.0 operating system, the most advanced of the brand, with gestural control.


Another aspect of its interior is its huge 9.2-inch Head-up Display, with the controls of the air conditioning are physical. The wireless charging of mobile phones and the panoramic roof complete the main firsts inside.

Something that fascinated us is its Reversing Assistant technology, which allows the car to carry out the last 50 meters traveled on its own, as long as it has been driven at a speed of less than 35 km / h.


As for the engine of this BMW 1 Series 118i we will see a gasoline engine capable of delivering spectacular 140Cv cubed in 1.5 liters, although it can optionally equip automatic Steptronic dual clutch transmission, with 7 speeds.


Regarding the dimensions, we are going to find surprises since the position of the engine has been changed by placing it transversely. In this way it has not been necessary to increase the length of the vehicle to achieve greater interior space and a more capable trunk that reaches 380 liters.


Translated to figures we have a BMW 1 Series 2019 that measures 4.31 meters long, 5 millimeters less than its predecessor, despite which, in the rear seats, the occupants have 33 millimeters more for the legs.


In addition, the car is 34 millimeters wider and 13 taller, which benefits a prominent poise, as I will detail below. The short overhangs continue to be one of its hallmarks, as does the cabin in a delayed position, which gives a really special side view.

Price? We can have it from 28,800 euros, in this 118i model, while owning the M135i xDrivecuesta model 51,700 euros. Going through intermediate ranges finding the diesel and gasoline versions.

You already know that the three-door body disappears from the catalog, right?


In our contact, we have this BMW 118i M Sport, which has a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 1.5 liter and 140 hp mechanic, associated with the six-speed manual transmission.

An engine that we can not blame at all in terms of vibrations and performance in low turns, in addition to the spectacular features that it has: 213 km / h top speed and 8.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100. However we leave you this table in which you can find the details of the test vehicle.


We have tastes for all colors, but if you are one of those who likes to sound the engine finding you inside, you will barely appreciate it, even taking the maximum speed.

If you want to know about its consumption, we will easily reach 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers, a figure close to the 5.7 approved.


Taking into account the chassis, and even with the M Sport suspension, we will have under us a car that is very comfortable for different irregularities and with a curve step that removes the hiccups

The new Series 1 takes the curves in a sensational way and will allow you to change trajectory, in full support, without breaking down the slightest, also having powerful brakes and perfect steering assistance. Do you want curves? You will not get tired of taking them!


We can say with certainty that we are in front of an ideal car for long journeys and perfect for twisted secondary roads.


And if you have been wanting more, here you have more pictures of this beauty.


BMW Serie 1-2
BMW Serie 1-7
BMW Serie 1-18
BMW Serie 1-19
BMW Serie 1-24
BMW Serie 1-29
BMW Serie 1-33
BMW Serie 1-35
BMW Serie 1-39
BMW Serie 1-41
BMW Serie 1-42
BMW Serie 1-44
BMW Serie 1-51
BMW Serie 1-61
BMW Serie 1-66
BMW Serie 1-98
BMW Serie 1-101
BMW Serie 1-69
BMW Serie 1-70
BMW Serie 1-72
BMW Serie 1-73
BMW Serie 1-65
BMW Serie 1-78
BMW Serie 1-79
BMW Serie 1-89
BMW Serie 1-106
BMW Serie 1-117
BMW Serie 1-123
BMW Serie 1-129
BMW Serie 1-134
BMW Serie 1-136
BMW Serie 1-137
BMW Serie 1-160
BMW Serie 1-174
BMW Serie 1-178
BMW Serie 1-183
BMW Serie 1-185
BMW Serie 1-208
BMW Serie 1-209
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