Born in Madrid, 1984.

He lived in Bristol (England) during the years 2010-2012 where he made his first photography work for the English web click-bristol.

On his return to Spain and with the bug of wanting to learn more about audiovisulaes, he completed the Superior Image Cycle at the I.E.S. Pradolongo where he deepened his knowledge of both photography and video, and subsequently carried out the internship in the national television network LaSexta.

In addition, and thanks also to that course in which his teacher was Roberto Lázaro, he had the opportunity to belong to the technical team of the feature film "Sanfelices"

He has worked in the television field, as well as carried out various photography works for several companies. If you want more information about this aspect, click on the following link.

Enthusiast and cycling practitioner, with whom I am sure that more than once you will cross one of the Madrid roads. GREET YOU !!


If you want to propose something, do not hesitate to do it, surely it can give you a solution and get that service you need! You can contact him here.